Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hebi Metal 4 life

A new discovery
New band
kool musik
This band reminds me of my stretched ears..

Upon A Burning Body
new single
"The Devil's Advocate"

Spread the word n support this band .. :)

Ow boy...i miss my gauged ears...guess i need 2 restretch em' bek..

Meet the drummer.
Those r fuckin' huge ear plugs..huhu

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Embalming The Masses

Burning churches recently in KL
What's next?
Holy War?

This is wad we call " ONE MALAYSIA"
(my ass)

p/s : I do love demonic stuff but doesnt mean i hate God...
maybe musically influenced..other than that im cool wif it..

The End Is Nigh Motherfucker

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hell Chose Me

The 3rd release from Carnifex

:D cant wait

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Real Deal

Introducing the new Lexus LFA the 1st ever super car build by Lexus
that cost £340.000 which is 6 times more expensive than Nissan GTR!
It got 4.8ltr V10 engine with 520HP
and body parts made of carbon fibre.

Aggressive look and aerodynamically designed,
9 Years of creating this masterpiece!

Everything seems fine,but 1 thing for sure the overpriced issue.
£340.000 for a lexus??cost more than a ferrari 500series which is faster than this.


Few things that i might need in da future..

A Distortion/Wah pedal,to easily switch between channels.. means no more "killswitch" for me plus better tones with wah effects solo!!

Dmarzio Bridge and Neck pickups add more aggresive tone on bridge and catchy solo with evolution 7 pickup.. its a must..

Last but not least,floyd rose trem,so that i can perform "divebombs"!! :D

Short Holidays

Its time for...

Practice,Practice,Practice :D

For Christ's Sake

The most fucked up service ever
Not even worth of payin'